Java Thinking …

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Java Thinking …

What is java thinking ?? As I am mentioning the word java, obviously we think about oops and the other known concepts like
1. Inheritance, 2. Polymorphism, 3.Encapsulation

moreover we are very much aware of all those concepts..

To make it clear, let me relate this with the last scene of the movie “The Matrix”. In this scene, Keanu Reeves is able to visualize the world in matrix format & control the surroundings ..

Confusing uh… ??? This is what I wanted to convey… As a developer , We should be able to think of the world as an object … i mean java objects …

let me try to help you out, for eg :

myself, you, cup & saucer, sea shore, chair, sky, not the least – girl friend πŸ˜‰ etc.. does qualify for a java object.

Let’s start with an example,

class – Men extends Person && Men implements Human ,

some attributes – String name,
int age,
Dress dress,(Dress is another class, where i have included the attrbutes like dressType, dressColour etc.,)
int heightInCms,
int weightInKg,
String color,

some Methods – actions which we make unique and ofcourse we can override some common action Person does like eating, sleeping etc ., to specify our own style.

so now you can just extend your thinking to entire surrounding of yours as objects…

this is called java(object) thinkinggg .. Thats the most needed !!!!


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